Budzy - Subconscious (PegasYs and Pinkie Rose Remix)

by PegasYs



The pic is self-explanatory

I loved Budzy's original track, Subconscious, so this is probably the first formal remix of a fandom song I've ever done by somebody that's name doesn't start with a G and end with a laze. Twas fun. Hope you like it.


Go listen to the original it's cool please


"What does every pony want in life? I mean really want? Do our existences end happily, peacefully, only if we've accomplished all of the things we've ever dreamt of doing? Do all of our achievements and medals and trophies really mean so much to us when the final curtain falls? Are the lengths of our contributions to this world enough to serenade us gently into the cold embrace of death?"


released May 29, 2016
Spectra and Budzy: composer
Mix by PegasYs
Guest VA performance by Pinkie Rose