Team Skull - PegasYs Remix (Ft. Blitz)

by Junichi Masuda



The gang Flyer than a Crobat, but ya know that
Team Skull finna leave your squad blown back
Double up and double down on the whole track
It’s ya boy Guzma, imma show you where the flow’s at

We don’t play when it comes down to battlin
Spittin venom, bars more fire than Salazzle is
Travelin Alola, we managin control of
A town we took over, beatin us, it ain’t happening

Savages, we destroy as we see fit
These bugs that I roll with got ya squeamish
I’m fiendish, I’ll exploit any weakness
And leave this island in pieces, you’ll see, kid

White on black with skull chains
Ain’t raised right, yo we know that Type: Null pain
The hated boss and his goons are the best yet,
Cause any gen that don’t have us is a dull game


Yo Guzma! - Yeah what up? - Don’t you talk to yourself too much?
True, but it’s OK cause I do the work of like 2 grunts.
You don’t like it? Too tough.
I’m a true thug.
Name me someone better who works a mic and can use bugs.

That kid you lost to was pretty good - Nah, I screwed up
Next time is all mine, cause I only lose once
He’s a child, so what do I gotta prove, huh?
The dude’s nuts, how the heck does he have that huge luck?

I’m through playin, I’m just sayin it’s not me
It’s too flagrant, I’m upgradin the lot, b
Golisopod gon be fightin strong, i will not be
Slighted yet again, I will leave him for dead, bodied

So Lusamine got this plan that we gonna act on
It’s gon be tough, but for the crew, I will act strong
I’ll pass on what I can to my team
Tandem with these skull members, catch these hands, dawg


released February 18, 2017
Junichi Masuda: Composer
PegasYs: Composer/producer
Blitz: Lyricist/vocals